WTS: Sun Fire V880

WTS: Sun Fire V880

Post by Dirk Wolff-Klamme » Sat, 21 Dec 2002 17:45:05


We have the following system for sale:

Sun Fire V880 4x 900MHz/8MB Cache CPU, 8GB RAM, 6x 73GB Disk, DVD, 3x Power Supply
46.200,-- EUR




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1. SN#9859 Repricing: Sun Fire[TM] V480 Servers and Sun Fire[TM] V880 Servers

Vol 63 Issue 2 2003-05-12  Article 9859 from section "Servers"

     Get Better Price/Performance

     The Sun Fire[TM] V480 and Sun Fire[TM] V880 servers are being repriced to
     offer even better price performance. Both of these Sun Fire servers offer
     high performance with the UltraSPARC[R] III processor.

     The balanced integrated architecture of the Sun Fire V480 server provides
     excellent CPU scalability, I/O performance and large memory capacities,
     which helps to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

     The Sun Fire V880 server requires a minimum configuration of two processors
     and 4 GB of memory, and requires the Solaris[TM] 8 10/01 Operating System
     (Solaris OS), or later. Although it is possible to boot from an external
     storage array via the network or locally connected storage, at least one
     FC-AL backup boot disk is highly recommended.

     These servers are well suited for applications such as database, ERP and
     messaging in sectors of financial services, service providers,
     manufacturing, government, healthcare and educational/research

     The Sun Fire V480 servers and Sun Fire V880 servers are supported with both
     Solaris 8 OS and Solaris 9 OS.

     Additional information about Sun Fire V480 server can be found at:


     More Sun Fire V880 server information can be found at:


Details at http://sun.systemnews.com/63/2/server/index.shtml#9859

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