SN Vol 35 #1 3039 Jiro Technology Overview

SN Vol 35 #1 3039 Jiro Technology Overview

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3039 Jiro Technology Overview

     Since the Jiro Technology 1.0 SDK was made available for free
     download on June 28, 2000, the adoption curve is accelerating.
     Here is an update on activities surrounding Jiro Technology.

     What is Jiro Technology?

        - The Net Effect presents serious challenges for IT
          professionals operating in an unforgiving 24X7X365
          environment. Jiro Technology, a Java platform extension
          incorporating Jini and RMI technologies, is a step toward
          providing a middle-tier framework for intelligent
          resource management that simplifies the administration of
          distributed services, devices, and applications across
          the network.

        - Jiro technology is an implementation of the Federated
          Management Architecture (FMA) specification defined by
          storage industry leaders under the Java Community Process

        - The exponentially growing demand for storage capacity and
          the management of Storage Area Networks represents an
          immediate need for the Jiro technology framework. Thus
          far, much of the marketing focus has been in this

     What benefits does Jiro technology provide to Sun customers
     and what does it add to Sun's storage products?

        - Jiro technology is a differentiator for Sun. It
          exemplifies the company's committment to the development
          of leading technologies and Sun's role as a trusted
          advisor to customers.

        - Jiro technology helps solve the problem of managing
          heterogeneous resources and applications in a distributed

        - It enables the creation of automated, intelligent storage
          management solutions that will use Sun's storage

        - This allows customers to deploy storage networks that are
          flexible, scalable, comprised of best-of-breed products
          and services, and as easy to manage as monolithic storage

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1. SN Vol 35 #1 2972 Jiro Technology Community News

2972 Jiro Technology Community News

     The Jiro Technology Community News is your one-stop source for
     current release news, partner announcements, and support

     The current edition (Volume 1, Issue 2), includes the

        - Dr. Guy Bunker of VERITAS describes the functionality and
          benefits of Federated Management Facades for VERITAS
          NetBackup, VERITAS Volume Manager, and VERITAS File

        - Read what developers are saying about Jiro Technology
          1.0.1A software, now available for download.

        - Read about the winning entries in the August Build-a-Bean
          contest and the people who built them.

     There are also news briefs and news items about partners.

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     Jiro Technology Interest list:

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