Antares P-0027 Audio Card

Antares P-0027 Audio Card

Post by jhafel » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 04:42:03

Would like to purchase Antares Model P-0027 PCI CoolAudio card for Sun
systems. Will pay reasonable price whether new or used/operational. Can
pay instantly via PayPal if seller is a member - or - any method

will reply quickly. Many thanks ...............
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I have an Antares P-1054 Gbit ethernet card in a SUN BLADE 1000. When
it is connected to a 100 Mbit switch it works fine (at 100 Mbits). I
just purchased a NetGear GS524T Gbit switch. When I connect to this
switch the Antares card stops working. I have worked with Antares
support to make sure everything was installed properly and that the
latest drivers were installed. Does anyone know of any
incompatibilities with this type of setup OR of a Gbit switch that
does work?

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