WTB: MEMORY ADVISOR for Sparc/Solaris (discontinued, I know)

WTB: MEMORY ADVISOR for Sparc/Solaris (discontinued, I know)

Post by Ralph Gonzale » Sat, 27 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hi, would anyone sell (or give!) me their license to Platinum
Technologies' Memory Advisor debugging tool? They no longer
support Sparc/Solaris, but I'd love to get a license anyway.

I already have the software with a 30-day license, so all I
need is a full license file, I think.

Thanks a lot!
Ralph Gonzalez


1. Where can I get MAE for Solaris now that apple has discontinued it.

[no message]

apparently the subject is it. i have a full copy of MAE, with empty
registration forms, available. comes with cds for version 2.0 for
solaris 2.3 and beyond, and version 3.0 for solaris and hpux.

also available with it a licensable version of mac write pro, and
adobe photoshop 2.5.
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