Sun Ultra 2 video cable -> PC Multisync Monitor?

Sun Ultra 2 video cable -> PC Multisync Monitor?

Post by Frank Cohe » Thu, 05 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone know of a video cable that allows me to attach my Sun Ultra
2 Enterprise server to a PC Multisync monitor?



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1. >>>>Great Deals on Ultra 140s & Ultra 170s>>>

Subject: >>>>Great Deals on Ultra 140s & Ultra 170s>>>
Date: 1996/10/21

X-Deja-AN: 191062793
organization: Netcom
x-netcom-date: Mon Oct 21  7:21:09 AM CDT 1996
newsgroups: comp.sys.sun.hardware

Hello all Sun users!

Advantec is offering the following deal on Ultras.

Ultra 140
128 Ram
2.1 Gbyte F/W SCSI
TX1 Graphics
20" Sun Sony Trinitron
Type 5 Country Kit
Pre-loaded w Solaris 2.5


Ultra 170
Same configuration: $9,950

***The base (case only) is manufactured by Sanar but ALL the components
are manufactured by Sun.

Net 30 terms are available.
Credit cards are accepted.
Shipping is not included.
System carries a full 1 year warranty.

Advantec is a major reseller of used/new Sun Micro systems, parts &
components and repair. We are based in Fremont CA with an office also
located in Detroit MI. I would be happy to fax any information if

Dave Bingham
Director of Sales
Advantec (
MI Office 810-544-9117
Fax 810-544-9149

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