Sun Software Liquadation

Sun Software Liquadation

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Sun Microsystems-Pascal-Ver 2.1-CD ROM / $ 199.00

Sun Microsystems-Pascal-Ver 2.1-TAR Tape / $ 199.00

Sun Microsystems-C, Ver 1.1-CD ROM / $ 199.00

Sun Microsystems-C++-Ver 2.1-CD ROM / $ 199.00

Sun Microsystems-Fortran-Ver 1.4 W/Sp. Works-CD ROM / $ 199.00

Sun Microsystems-Fortran-Ver 2.1-TAR Tape / $ 199.00

Sun Microsystems-C+-Ver 2.1-TAR Tape / $ 199.00

Sun Microsystems-C- Ver 1.1  W/ Sp. Works-CD ROM / $ 199.00

Sun Microsystems - Sparc Works Manual  /  $ 25.00

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1. SN#10264 MSC.Software to Integrate and Support Sun[TM] ONE Grid Engine Software

Vol 64 Issue 4 2003-06-23  Article 10264 from section "Partners"

     Reduces the Time and Costs Associated with Product Development

        MSC.Software, a global provider of virtual product development (VPD)
        products, plans to integrate the Sun[TM] ONE Grid Engine software into
        its own enterprise systems and high-performance computing product
        portfolio. The company intends to market, implement and support Sun's
        grid computing platform and services. The move is aimed at assisting
        manufacturing customers by helping to reduce the time and costs
        associated with product development.

        Sun's grid computing platform currently powers more than 7,000
        departmental, enterprise and global grids worldwide. Grid computing
        continues to rise in popularity within industrial manufacturing
        industries as demand for greater and faster return of technology
        investments grows. Companies are eager to find ways to decrease product
        development time and costs and bring better products to market faster.

        Sun's broad portfolio of high performance computing and grid-related
        products includes:

           - Sun's free standard editions of Sun ONE Grid Engine software for
             Solaris[TM] Operating System (Solaris OS) and Linux operating

           - Sun's industry leadership with more than 7,000 grids worldwide
             based upon the Sun ONE Grid Engine software

           - Sun's ability to manage smaller cluster grids, large enterprise
             grids, as well as Internet-based global grids

           - Sun's strong support of the Grid Engine open source project, which
             provides for heterogeneous management in mixed environments

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