SN#10214 Oracle and Sun Push Low-cost Computing Boundaries

SN#10214 Oracle and Sun Push Low-cost Computing Boundaries

Post by John J. McLaughli » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 22:58:10

Vol 64 Issue 4 2003-06-23  Article 10214 from section "Oracle"

     Oracle Solutions to Run on Sun's IT Infrastructure, Including N1

        Oracle and Sun have worked together for 20 years to bring quality,
        performance, innovation and features to the enterprise data center. They
        are now reaffirming their commitment to open, standards-based computing
        with all the performance, features and value that the enterprise needs.
        Sun and Oracle plan to bring these standards to low-cost computing by
        introducing servers and software that support open standards-based
        clustering as the building blocks for the next generation data center.

        Sun and Oracle will bring low-cost computing to collaboration through
        Oracle Collaboration Suite and Sun's StarOffice[TM] software. With an
        integrated approach that simplifies communications and content, Oracle
        Collaboration Suite running on the Solaris[TM] Operating System (Solaris
        OS) is a more reliable, secure and cost-effective choice to the current
        fragmented server solutions.

        StarOffice software is an affordable alternative in office productivity
        suites that runs on multiple operating systems, including the Solaris
        OS, Microsoft Windows and Linux. The office suite has a simple,
        easy-to-use interface and contains full-featured applications including
        word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics and database
        capabilities. For details on the new features of version 6.0 of the
        software, see article [8752].

        Oracle Collaboration Suite is an integrated suite of enterprise level
        applications that supply email, voice mail, calendaring, file services,
        integrated search capabilities and the ability to access this
        information from any type of interface. For details on the Oracle
        Collaboration Suite, see article numbers [9262] and [9512].

        Sun and Oracle will also work together to enable automated deployment of
        Oracle and its resources in an N1-enabled data center. The integration
        of N1 and Oracle is expected to provide the capability to provision the
        Oracle database environment while replacing failed hardware components
        on the fly, enabling a flexible database deployment. The companies
        intend as well to incorporate Oracle database as the data store for
        Sun's N1 and to work together to make N1 leverage the advantages of
        Oracle database technology.

        With Oracle's E-Business Suite running on the N1 Provisioning Server 3.0
        Blades Edition [9519], the Sun Fire[TM] Blade Platform [8983] and the N1
        Data Platform and Architecture Services for N1 [8995], customers can
        expect a number of business benefits:

           - Increased system utilization and better efficiency across the
             entire computing infrastructure

           - Reduced costs of deploying and managing services

           - Faster business service deployment at a lower risk of manual errors

        Every application in Oracle E-Business Suite can run in one global
        instance of a single database with all the applications working together
        and sharing the same information.

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1. SN#10117 Sun's Customers in Retail Express Praise for Low-cost Computing Solutions

Vol 64 Issue 2 2003-06-09  Article 10117 from section "News"

     Ross Stores, Home Depot Expo Design Centers, Ratner Companies Move to Sun

        A number of testimonials lauding the efforts of Sun Microsystems in the
        retail marketplace were voiced at the Retail Systems 2003 conference in

        Ross Stores looked to Sun and its iForce[SM] Partners, including
        Deloitte Consulting and Retek, to deploy a next-generation ERP solution
        powered by Sun Fire[TM] 15K servers running the Solaris[TM] Operating
        System (Solaris OS) and a Sun StorEdge[TM] 9980 storage area network.

        Sun was a partner in bringing into being the first real-world example of
        an appliance-based kiosk for retail. This is the Home Depot Expo Design
        Center's Sun-powered virtual art gallery kiosk, designed by Evviva
        Virtual Art Solutions. The kiosks, in place at Home Depot's San Diego,
        Scotsdale and Dallas stores, allow customers to select from more than
        1,000 reprints of well-known artists. The Java[TM] technology solution
        uses the Sun Cobalt Qube[TM] server appliance. Sun worked closely with
        iForce partner Apunix in developing this solution.

        Sun's successful implementations to date in the retail marketplace also
        include such industry-leading U.S. customers as Gap Inc., Wegman's Food
        Markets, Office Max and Men's Wearhouse.

Details at

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