WTB: SM51 dual processor module and 4mb simms for Sun SS630

WTB: SM51 dual processor module and 4mb simms for Sun SS630

Post by Larry A. Mansfiel » Thu, 20 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I am in the process of upgrading a Sun SS630.  Currently the 630 has a
single SM41 processor.  Due to multiple control center workloads
additional processor power and memory is necessary.  

Specifically looking for the following 2 items for a SparcServer 630

    1.  One Dual processor SM51 module, SM520 or SM521.
        (Current SM41 processor will not be used for trade-in)

    2.  16 4mb simms, 501-2460 or 501-1739, to fully populate 630

If you have either of these for sale and are willing to accept a
company P.O., please send pricing information to the email id below or
fax a quote to the number listed.  The purchase of these items will be
done within the next 8-12 working days.  

Please don't post back to the newsgroups or respond with a call me
note.  Our purchasing regulations require quotes in writing before a
purchase requisition can be cut.

Larry Mansfield, Senior Systems Engineer
AlliedSignal Technical Services
Lanham, Md

301-805-3543   Fax only


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