audio effects

audio effects

Post by Ampi » Tue, 24 Jun 1997 04:00:00

l have heard that logic 2.6 has an effect in his audio files called
"harmonization"or something like that wich consists in that it makes sound
a male voice like a femme voice and vice,does anyone know if there is some
shareware/freeware program wiich makes the same thing?,of course lf some
know a warez place for logic 2.6 l would acknowlodge it but is not
Please,answer by e-mail.


1. Audio Effects Software--on the fly in Win 95?

Pass your midi sound frough this !

Software for 486DX2-66, 4 Mb RAM, Windows 3.1+Win32s,3.11,95,NT : ALL YOU NEED !!!
(this is a 32 bit software)
chorus,stereo-reverb,flanger,128 bands equaliser,wah-wah,hi/low pass filters,
distortions toolkit,noise gate.

also you can buy from me the special 16 bit,stereo,48 kHz,hardware fullduplex,
midi-OPL3,4 watt stereo power amp. exelent sound card for (Windows 3.1/95)
near $25(!) only.

- and now you can have Guitar multiple effects only for $30


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