New composer seeking comments....

New composer seeking comments....

Post by Coquett » Sun, 15 Jun 2003 05:17:46

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie.  Just looking for people who are also interested in
songwriting and producing their own music to exchange ideas with from
time to time.

I am not a professional songwriter or musician, just someone with a
dream.  I have a website that I have just finished. I have a couple of
piano solos and one pop type song right now, but am in the process of
recording others.  If anyone is interested please stop by and visit.
Constructive comments are always welcome, but please be gentle, all of
this is new to me and I have much to learn.

Hope to hear from other songwriters.



1. seeking music &/or composer/arranger/editor

Media Associates is seeking music and a music composer/arranger/editor
in order to put together and/or create from existing and/or new
material the music track for our 84-minute dramatic feature EARTH
SPIRIT about a troubled urban American youth of mixed ancestry drawn
back to northern Arizona to find purpose and identity protecting the
land of his ancestors against exploitation and pollution by oil and
mining interests.  Editing of the picture has been completed on
FinalCutPro aiming at the cable tv market, and now we need
instrumental background music in the world music genre with an
indigenous flavor strong with drumming and beautiful with wind.
Payment would be deferred pending sale.

Please send samples or demo tapes or CDs to me at this address:

Alan Gorg
1439 Point View Street
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Thank you.

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