x-mas songs

x-mas songs

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international x-mas songs
can be find at midi page
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1. SampleTank VST/MAS FREE!

SampleTank Free is a fully working freeware version of the  powerful
SampleTank sound module for VST/MAS offering all the advantage of the
full version (including 16 channels multitimbrality, up to 128 notes
polyphony and 4 effects per voice selectable from amongst 20 DSP
effects) that is able to play a range of free instruments that are
published and updated monthly on the SampleTank website.

In addition to the release of a Concert Grand Piano (sampled from a
Steinway Grand concert) and a beautiful Piano+Strings sound (combining
an acoustic grand piano with a large strings section), this month IK
has released two new rhythmic? instruments: Small Drum, a complete
acoustic drum kit with a pop-rock? character and fast (controllable)
decay; plus a beautiful sample of? stereo-miked Bongos with full hits
and plenty of ghost-notes to add more realism to your percussion

Try it out here: http://www.sampletank.com/STFreeDwn.html

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7. US-MA Electrical Engineers to $90K Great pay for a great job!

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12. US-PA, MA The Music never dies!**Up to $90k**ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Philadelphia or Boston