Need advice on buying a keyboard

Need advice on buying a keyboard

Post by air suppl » Tue, 12 Mar 2002 18:26:39

I am looking to buy a keyboard that is under AU$1000
Please, any experienced midi user give me some advice.
I can play some piano but i'm pretty new in doing midi.
Should I get Roland or KORG, please advice me. please..
Also where can I research about midi keyboard on the internet?

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ouch!  I would highly recommend the Yamaha PSR-X30 series (530, 630, 730) but new, they are significantly more expensive than your budget limit..  See if you can find one of those used for under your limit, as they are excellent keyboards.  Perfect for beginners ;)


  I'm a novice and liek to buy an electronic MIDI keyboard to plug to my PC to compose songs. I have CakeWalk pro 9, Cubase.  I seen the Websites of Yamaha, Kawai and Roland touting the merits of their keyboards as the best. Any advice what is best for a beginner. My budget is no more than $250.  Many thks

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