Net Jamming

Net Jamming

Post by Dave Zobe » Fri, 29 Aug 1997 04:00:00

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Have you all heard of the Res Rocket Jam?  It's a unique combination of
chat and midi studio environment.  You can lay down tracks, discuss
music, layer your parts over others, totally kewl!  They're giving away
their software, called DRGN (pronounced "dragon") and offering the first
month free.  The fee after that is nominal, certainly less than other
business sites on the net (wink wink).  I've been on only a few days and
have already had a blast and made some new friends.  Check out their
site at  BTW, this is no adverti*t.  I just
haven't seen this mentioned in these ng's & I thought you'd like to
check it.

Dave Z

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<TITLE>Res Rocket Surfer -- Live Music Jamming on the Net</TITLE>
<!-- #include "metatags_top.incl"--><META NAME=3D"Description" CONTENT=3D=
"Res Rocket Surfer is the future of music and the Internet: It's a band, =
a community, a virtual recording studio, and a music channel -- there's n=
othing else like it! Res Rocket Surfer's unique DRGN software allows you =
to play live, studio-quality music with anyone around the world using a m=
ultimedia computer, Internet connection, and a General MIDI instrument.">=
 <META NAME=3D"Keywords" CONTENT=3D"RRS, Res Rocket Surfer, Rez Rocket Su=
rfer, resrocket, rocket, music, computer music, music software, multimedi=
a, jamming, jam, live music jamming on the Net, virtual studio, electroni=
c music, DRGN, Dragon, Distributed Real-Time Groove Network, real-time ja=
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n' bass, drum and bass, jazz, rap, hip-hop, funk, world music, songwriter=
, producer, recording engineer, manager, DJ, mixing, remixing, programmer=
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sp.gif" WIDTH=3D"357" HEIGHT=3D"43">
<BR><IMG SRC=3D"pix/masts/vstudos.gif" WIDTH=3D"357" HEIGHT=3D"18"><br>

<CENTER><A HREF=3D"/cgi-bin/join-redirect.cgi"onMouseOver=3D"window.statu=
s=3D'Download the software FREE and Jam Online.'; return true"><IMG SRC=3D=
"images/drgn.gif" ALIGN=3DTOP WIDTH=3D"363" HEIGHT=3D"193" BORDER=3D"0"><=

<CENTER><A HREF=3D"/cgi-bin/join-redirect.cgi"onMouseOver=3D"window.statu=
s=3D'Download the software FREE and Jam Online.'; return true"><IMG SRC=3D=
"images/joinnow.gif" ALIGN=3DTOP WIDTH=3D"230" HEIGHT=3D"27" BORDER=3D"2"=

Quote:></A><br><FONT COLOR=3D"#660066" SIZE=3D"4" FACE=3D"HELVETICA"><b>Live Mu=

sic Jamming on the Net</b></font><P>

<FONT COLOR=3D"#660066" SIZE=3D"3" FACE=3D"HELVETICA">YES! It's possible.=
 It's right here, right NOW!<br>
Thanks to the Res Rocket Surfer DRGN software<br>you can make music with =
anyone, anywhere, anytime<br>
using a standard modem connection to the Internet.<p>

<b>Get the software FREE right now!</b><br>

If you don't have an account with Res Rocket Surfer <br>Virtual Studios, =
then go to
<A HREF=3D"/cgi-bin/join-redirect.cgi" onMouseOver=3D"window.status=3D'Do=
wnload the software FREE and Jam Online.'; return true"><b>Join FREE Now<=
/b></a> and<br> get a 30 day FREE account. Yes - FREE!<br> Just download =
the <b>DRGN</b> software for Mac or Win95<br> and get jamming!

<A HREF=3D""><IMG SRC=3D"images/buttons.gif" ALIGN=3DTOP WIDTH=
=3D"363" HEIGHT=3D"214" ISMAP=3D"" USEMAP=3D"#buttons" BORDER=3D=
<MAP NAME=3D"buttons">
<AREA SHAPE=3D"rect" COORDS=3D"0,0 271,31" HREF=3D"/cgi-bin/join-redirect=
=2Ecgi" onMouseOver=3D"window.status=3D'Download the software FREE and Ja=
m Online.'; return true">

<AREA SHAPE=3D"rect" COORDS=3D"18,33 343,68" HREF=3D"guide/groove/groove_=
toc.html" onMouseOver=3D"window.status=3D'Find out what\'s happening and =
when in the Virtual Studios'; return true">

<AREA SHAPE=3D"rect" COORDS=3D"21,69 394,103" HREF=3D"joinjam/who_we_are/=
who_we_are_toc.html" onMouseOver=3D"window.status=3D'What DRGN is, what R=
es Rocket Surfer\'s mission is'; return true">

<AREA SHAPE=3D"rect" COORDS=3D"23,106 204,140" HREF=3D"guide/techasst/tec=
hasst_toc.html" onMouseOver=3D"window.status=3D'Get help here.'; return t=

<AREA SHAPE=3D"rect" COORDS=3D"25,144 203,180" HREF=3D"joinjam/thebuzz/th=
ebuzz_toc.html" onMouseOver=3D"window.status=3D'What people are saying ab=
out Res Rocket Surfer'; return true">

<AREA SHAPE=3D"rect" COORDS=3D"13,182 231,212" HREF=3D"talk2us/talk2us_to=
c.html" onMouseOver=3D"window.status=3D'Want to talk to a human being at =
RRS? Here\'s how.'; return true">


"help/site_index.html" onMouseOver=3D"window.status=3D'Can\'t find what y=
ou\'re looking for? Try browsing the site index.'; return true">[SITE IND=

&nbsp <FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"3" FACE=3D"HELVETICA"><B><A HREF=3D=
"software/download/download_toc.html" onMouseOver=3D"window.status=3D'Alr=
eady joined, but you need to get the DRGN software? Get it here.'; return=
<FONT SIZE=3D"1"  FACE=3D"HELVETICA" COLOR=3D"#000000"><A HREF=3D"copyrig=
ht.html"><CENTER><B> (c)</B></A> Copyright 1997 by Res Rocket Surfer, Inc=
=2E All rights reserved.</CENTER></A></FONT><BR>