Help a MIDI newbie - hardware suggestions please

Help a MIDI newbie - hardware suggestions please

Post by Kathryn G. Ma » Wed, 14 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I also purchased one of those outstanding (humph!) miracle keyboards.  I've recently purchased a Roland MT120s - a sequencer/sound module.  I do my sequencing on the Miracle, using the patch numbers for my Roland, and save to disk that;s been formatted on the Roland.
It isn't the best working situation, but I am still new to MIDI, and this was a very workable way for me to use my existing keyboard, get some good sounds, and learn more before dropping $$$ into the whole ball game.  I'd suggest getting some kind of sound module only - and learning what it is you want to do, using your miracle, and then moving in the direction you find yourself in.  If you have any questions about my use of the miracle, email me direct!

1. Help a MIDI newbie - hardware suggestions please

     I'd like to create some music using either my Mac or PC.  I can play
the piano (some would argue with this ;) ) but I'm rather clueless about
what kind of MIDI hardware I should purchase.  

     Basically, I'd just like to find something that would work with the
MIDI software that I have and generate realistic sounding music.  In other
words, the instrument samples sound like real instruments, instead of
variants of an electric keyboard.

     Do I really need to purchase a fully-fitted keyboard, or can I
purchase something like a sound generator (a Roland Sound Canvas?)?
Please forgive me for my ignorance, it's just that I made the mistake of
purchasing a MIRACLE keyboard (please, don't ask why, I'm not sure myself)
and I'd rather not waste any more money....hence my groveling :-)  

     I'd really appreciate any information or suggestions.  Thanks in advance...

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