Pb with Cakewalk + Korg NS5R FXs

Pb with Cakewalk + Korg NS5R FXs

Post by FullMoo » Sat, 24 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hi folks,

I'm owner of a KORG NS5R syntesis module. I discovered NS5R FX
functionnalities few days ago & I'm now trying to use them in my midi files
but I've got some problems (I'm using Cakewalk) :

What I would like to do is to use one DIFFERENT effect per channel :

ex :
    Channel 1    MelloChoir      + FX G:095 (SysxData F0 42 30 42 12 00 00
07 5B 00 5E F7)
    Channel 2    Double Bow    + FX D:091 (SysxData F0 42 30 42 12 00 00 07
53 00 5A F7)

I placed a SysxData at the beginning of each channel but when a note is
played simultaneously by channel 1 + channel 2, only one effect is enabled.

Is it possible to use differents effects at the same time on differents
channels ? If it's possible, can someone tell me how ?

Thanks for your help,


1. ATTN:Luud --- Cakewalk INS file for Korg NS5R - ns5r.ins (0/1)

I got it at a web site, of which I lost the bookmark. This may not
work right off. When text files move from router to router, the
carriage return can be changed. Without a proper carriage return
character,  Cakewalk may not be able to read the file, which happened
to me. I had to manually insert carriage returns at every end of a
command line. You may have to do it for yourself. Other than that it

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