Deck 2.2 for $ale for the Mac

Deck 2.2 for $ale for the Mac

Post by Jeff » Wed, 03 Jul 1996 04:00:00

   Comes with all manuals and packaging. Asking $95. Please E-mail me if
interested. Thanks... or Trade??


1. ANN: Virtual Waves 2.2 sound design tool

Virtual Waves from Synoptic is a program for sound synthesis, processing
and analysis.
Its modular architecture allows you to create any kind of sound or effect.
53 kinds of modules (oscillators, envelopes, filters, modulators, .WAV
players, apeggiators, echoes, reverbs etc...) can be connected together to
create virtual sound machines.

You can synthesize techno bass sounds, create vocoder effects, draw your
own sounds with a pen or an airbrush, analyze .WAV files in 3 dimensions
and much more... Virtual Waves also includes a DLS editor.

A new version, Virtual Waves 2.21, is now shipping.

Demo available at:

2. ODBC and stored procedures

3. ANN.: MIDInight Express 2.2

4. Classic PS fonts needed

5. FS: Digital Performer 2.2, new in box

6. wanted: t8 trams

7. RAP-10 driver 2.2

8. 1.6.23 or higher for Atari/Amiga (or anything, really)

9. KeyDisk TERMINATOR(tm) 2.2 NAMM Special

10. "Realtime Composition Library" for MAX - new release (2.2)

11. WTB: Copy of REASON, Peak, and/or Deck for MAC

12. Help: OSC Deck II and mac 8500