SSEYO Koan Pro now available for the Power Mac !

SSEYO Koan Pro now available for the Power Mac !

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Generative Koan music system now on the Power Mac
SSEYO responds to high level of Power Mac user requests

MAIDENHEAD, UK (October 1, 1998) -- SSEYO? Ltd., creators of the
market leading generative Koan? music system for real and unreal worlds
today launched its flagship Koan authoring system, Koan Pro 2.1, for the
Power Mac. A Koan Mac plugin is set to follow shortly. It is SSEYO's
next major step in its strategy to deliver a cross platform, cross
browser generative music system. The generative Koan music system is
ideal for creating interactive sound environments, be these on the net
or in toys, installations or hyper-instruments. Koan is also a powerful
music creativity system.

SSEYO Koan Pro 2.1 for the Power Mac is today available for sale through
the SSEYO online store, priced the same as the Windows version at GBP
139.95. It is available in electronic form only. A demo version is also
available for free download from

Brian Eno used Koan Pro to create his pioneering release "Generative
Music 1" and SSEYO Koan Pro 2 was recently selected by the UK Millennium
Products initiative as being one of 200 "brilliant British creations".

Koan Pro 2.1 for Power Mac System recommendations:
Power Mac with MacOS 7 or later (MacOS 7.5 or later recommended), 5 Mb
of free memory in which to run, OMS Lite from Opcode systems
(, external synthesizer or Apple's Quick Time
Musical Instruments (QTMI).

For installation:  Aladdin Systems' StuffIt expander

For online manual: Adobe Acrobat reader (

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