Roland E-30; Am I out of luck playing General MIDI?

Roland E-30; Am I out of luck playing General MIDI?

Post by Jim Dukeminie » Sun, 15 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I've been trying to find info on the correct way (via drivers, patch
setups,etc) to enable my Roland E-30 to play net GM or GS midi files.

Downloaded files do play, but the channel setup always has to be
modified, i.e. I have to redirect tracks to channels 2,3,4 or 10 to get
all of the tracks to play.

Nothing seems to work well. Maybe it's because the E-30 doesn't support
the current instrument sounds in use today or General MIDI.

One thing that has frustrated me is that Roland's Manual devotes very
little to the MIDI section.

Any ideas? If this isn't the
right forum for questions like this, let me know.

Jim Dukeminier  Littleton, CO


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