ProTools plug-ins with MIDI?

ProTools plug-ins with MIDI?

Post by Roald Baudou » Sun, 08 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I would like to command the ProTools IV plug-ins with MIDI codes coming
from a sequencer. I know it is possible, but the ProTools manual says
almost nothing about this. The manual explains the procedure only for
specific gear like the MM-16 and few other interfaces with built-in
programs made to work with ProToolsIV plug-ins.

What are the specific MIDI codes which would allow me to command these
plug-ins from ANY MIDI machine?

Maybe an owner from an interface listed in the manual could record the
MIDI codes coming from this interface when using it to command ProTools
plug-ins. He would then send these codes to this newsgroup. Easy, isn't

Thank you for any information about this.

Roald Baudoux


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