REQ: The Darkness - Growing on me

REQ: The Darkness - Growing on me

Post by Matt Mansfie » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 23:20:18

Does anyone have, or know where I can get, a midi of this?

I've Googled but have found nothing.




1. Sharing my =Simply Red= MIDI collection 21 songs and growing

Being an avid Simply Red fan, I have collected several existing MIDI
files for my own archives and personal use. I was disappointed to find
out that only a few songs are available in MIDI format and publicly
available on the net. Over the past couple years I have sequenced many
of Simply Red's songs for personal use. I can safely say that the
Simply Red Midi File Archive at DSOM has the largest selection of
Simply Red MIDI files on the net.  [you must create an account then click on

All sequences vary in quality from excellent to mediocre, complete to
incomplete. DSOM users can log in an obtain access to listen to and
download these sequences. If you have questions, comments or requests,
please join us in the DSOM Midi File Discussion Forum and share your
input. I would also like to request that if you are a Simply Red fan
with MIDI sequencing skills to please share your work at the archive
OR use mine as templates to make better ones.

The discussion forum is here: [or just click forums at DSOM]

Some of the sequences in the archive:  Something's Got Me Started,
Holding Back The Years, You've Got It, For Your Babies, Your Mirror,
Model, Jericho, (Open Up The) Red Box, Sad Old Red, Wonderland, If You
Don't Know Me By Now, Fairground, Stars, Its Only Love, Money's Too
Tight To Mention, Come To My Aid, How Could I Fall, Heaven, Look At
You Now, and No Direction.

I am sharing my collection with the hopes that other MIDI aficionados
can benefit from my works and contribute to the archive and it's
improvement. Please join me in breathing some life into less popular
songs by our favorite band, and sharing the enjoyment of their music.

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