finale 2002 - propellerhead reason - hubi

finale 2002 - propellerhead reason - hubi

Post by Joe » Mon, 22 Jul 2002 07:42:05

I'm trying to use sounds from the synth/sampler in Reason with Finale
2002 - I suspect this can be done with the hubi but I'm not sure how.
Ideas? Thanks.

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I have Finale 2002 with a 4-score piece (piano, bass , guitar lead etc). I
have it set up to play back my Roland JV 1010 (in a multitrack setup), and
so far all has been well.

However, now when I press 'play', I get a message on the status bar saying
'Processing Measure XXX', where XXX is quickly changing list of measure

So, somewhere along the line, something I have done has forced it to be
unplayable, but I don't know what. Any ideas?


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