Problems with Audio recording in Cakewalk Audio Pro

Problems with Audio recording in Cakewalk Audio Pro

Post by Poll Ada » Sat, 15 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi people
I have a little problem with any audio input true Cakewalk Audio. When i
playback the record i have noise after 5-6 secs. I click to stop, i
playback again, the sample is good but after 5-6 secs i have noise again
! Because of this, i cant work any audio .. t tried all sampling rates
(11.000Hz thue 44KHz on recording but the blayback was the same ..
Can you help me ??
I have a Yamaha SW20 , 36 MB ram
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Pentium 166MMX
Soundblaster 64 AWE Gold

So, can you shed some light on my audio problem, hope so.



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