Explorer Won't Play My Sound File!

Explorer Won't Play My Sound File!

Post by FaustTig » Thu, 31 Jul 1997 04:00:00

>Netscape Communicator uses Java to process the midi file before
>importing it as a QuickTime movie. This considerably slows down the
>downloading of the rest of the page including the photographs (this
>should be better). So far America Online 3.0 does the most elegant job
>of processing and playing the sound file as the rest of my home page
>downloads (I would never have believed it!).

I use the following midi plugin (PPC and 68K versions) at:


which avoids the "importing movie" delay used by LiveAudio and QuickTime
plugins.  It also displays karaoke.    I liked it better than Crescendo
because it can handled multiple embedded midi files, which Crescendo
didn't use to handle (has this been fixed yet?).

NOTE: Works fine with  Netscape and IE  2.x and 3.x.    HOWEVER, it
currently doesn't work with 4.0.1... needs an upgrade (or 4.0.1 needs


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