This week at the Cadenza MIDI Diary ...

This week at the Cadenza MIDI Diary ...

Post by Keith Bramic » Thu, 03 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Coming this week at the
Cadenza MIDI Diary at ...

Wednesday 2 June 1999
"Mesmerelda" by Dan Rowe

Thursday 3 June 1999
"Sleighride" by Michael Forrest.

Friday 4 June 1999
"Spacer" by Michael Forrest

Saturday 5 June 1999
"The Nose" by Dan Rowe

Sunday 6 June 1999
"The dream of a child" by Javier Dominguez Gomez:
"Let me take you to the dreamland of children. This song
lets you encounter with a world without war, destruction and
other problems. Dream away and enjoy. Be a child again!  
Shyness is beautifull!"

Monday 7 June 1999
"My first MIDI song when 16" by Javier Dominguez Gomez:
"Another sad song. Its all about shyness and the beauty of it.
Enjoy. Be happy! Be strong!"

Tuesday 8 June 1999
"Medwyn Goodall - my inspiration" by Javier Dominguez Gomez:
"Medwyn Goodall is one of the best new age composers today.
He plays a lot of intruments (25). Learned by himself. He has a
great feeling for music and creates a situation where you are
happy. For Medwyn Goodall!!"

The music appears one piece each day,
joining our huge archive of over 18 months
worth of MIDI files.


1. This week at the Cadenza MIDI Diary ...

Coming this week in the Cadenza MIDI Diary
at ....

If you're quick you'll catch "After" by Rami Moscovich (and
in any case you can hear his pieces "Before" and "After"
in our ever-increasing archive of currently 400 pieces).

Saturday 12 December
"Mezzicate" by Keith Bramich

Sunday 13 December
"Sea of Tranquility, part I" by David Rubenstein

Monday 14 December
"Umm?" by Colin and Keith Bramich

Then three pieces for strings from
Argentina by Matias Giuliani:

Tuesday 15 December
"Chacarera intro"

Wednesday 16 December

Thursday 17 December
"3 voices invention"

Friday 18 December
"Mugwump" by Dan Rowe

Saturday 19 December
"Jamda" by Rami Moscovich and Dan Rowe

The music appears one piece each day, joining
our archive of over 13 months of daily music.

Can you contribute? We accept original MIDI
pieces from all over the world.

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