Help - Koan Pro freezing

Help - Koan Pro freezing

Post by ca » Sun, 24 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Help me please

I've had an evaluation copy Koan Pro for a while, it's been
working no problems. It is a fine product, that even an
idiot like me can sound clever with. I have Gravis PnP
Ultrasound, P200, 32MB, Win95, DirectX6, crappy speakers.

Now, everything works fine, except when I try to stop a
piece, either by clicking the stop or hitting space bar.
Then, almighty freeze, mouse won't work, ctrl-alt-del won't
work, no response except to reset button. Bad fun.

First I reinstall Koan Pro. All that did was delete all the
templates that I never got around to backing up. D'oh.

I run Norton Crashguard 4 and it catches nothing, just big
freeze and Norton asleep.

I try changing from DirectX6 back to DirectX5 - I don't know
how successful de-install was - but still no dice.

Also changed to Hubi MIDI cable out instead of Gravis synth
driver. (I am now a desperate man)

Meanwhile, all other MIDI progs and Rebirth working fine.
Cakewalk 5, normally so hard to please, is placid like a
baby lamb. Gravis patch caching and bank changing going like
a dream. Just when I play a Koan song, and I stop it, or it
reaches the end and stops itself, it freezes everything, and
I have to turn my PC off and then on again.

Can anybody suggest:
what the problem might be?
what the solution might be?
what diagnostic I could run to find out either of the above?
whether upgrading from an evaluation copy to a registered
copy would solve the problem and if so, why, and is it worth




Help - Koan Pro freezing

Post by Dan Bostr? » Sun, 24 Jan 1999 04:00:00


I have experienced a similar problem in Cubase VST.

Tell me more about your gear: which motherboard, graphic card, mouse, which
Then we could see if theres a hardware conflict.

Dan B


Help - Koan Pro freezing

Post by ca » Sun, 24 Jan 1999 04:00:00

On Sat, 23 Jan 1999 10:38:45 +0100, "Dan Bostr?m"

>Tell me more about your gear: which motherboard, graphic card, mouse, which

Motherboard SOYO 82430VX/P54C PCI
Award BIOS has been flashed to
to support something that I needed at the time
Processor Intel Pentium 200
Sound card- Gravis UltraSound PnP
all the emulators have been turned off with the Gravis BIOS
flasher except the Gravis synth/codec -
IRQ 7,9
DMA 5,7
i/o 0240-024F
i/o 0340-0347
i/o 034C-034F
Graphic card- ancient Videologic Grafixstar 300 1mb
(Trio64(86C764) Rev C chipset)
Mouse PS2
keyb msoft natural

the COM ports on the motherboard are kaput, I have to use a
IDE card adapter for a external modem

I don't have any external MIDI devices

Does this help?



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I have a Roland A-30 midi keyboard. I connect this to my Yamaha MU-80
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It has nothing to do with my Yamaha; the same happens with the Sound Blaster
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I run Windows98, second edition.

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