fs: Emu E-Synth samler/synth/workstation

fs: Emu E-Synth samler/synth/workstation

Post by Bobby Z » Sat, 27 Feb 1999 04:00:00

this is the ultimate sounding workstation.  i've had or worked with nearly
everything out there, and this E-Synth has just amazing sonic quality.  the 48
track sequencer is really quite good as well.  if you want to move up from
something like an ASR-10, THIS is the machine to get.  great sampling, a great
synth built in, semi weighted full-size keyboard, real time controls for
tweaking (8 of them).

Latest OS v 3.20 EOS
currently 32MB RAM (upgradable to 128MB)
48 track sequencer with cut, paste, copy, etc.
(Can store 50 sequences in the Flash RAM on-board)
16MB E-Synth Sample ROM (can be upgraded witht he planet phatt/orbit ROM as
well giving you 32MB ROM sounds onboard!)
4 stereo pairs of outputs ( for sub mixes)
some sampling CD's to get you started :-)
Built in 24 bit stereo effects processors with beautiful reverbs to *
SCSI port
SPDIF digital ins AND out. sample from digital. master to digital. no noise :-)
All manuals and original packing and disks
packed in the original box and in 9.95/10 condition.

 two weeks old.....and it's far too nice to take on tour.  if only i had known
i was going on tour this soon :-).
$2300 cash, no trades please.....shipping can be split between myself and the
buyer. these are $3995 list, and i'm throwing in 32 meg of RAM and some
sampling CD's as well....as to WHICH ones, i'm going to let the lucky buyer
pick a few from my collection :-)


1. E-mu E-Synth with Orbit/Phatt

I know where there is an E-Synth keyboard that has sat unopened in the
box for a year and a half at a music store, and they are currently
willing to let it go for $1600.

It is the most basic model with 64 voices, only 256 synth presets, a
mere 4 MG RAM sampling, and no Dance (Orbit-Phatt) option. It is
operating system 3.20, but an upgrade is available from the E-mu web
site. (It is also NOT an Ultra. None of the keyboards ever were, as
they are not physically able to contain the larger and faster Ultra
chip, and the keyboards are now out of production entirely anyway.)

Since the chip technology is already obsolete, is it even worth owning
just to use as a controller? (I already own their Morpheus, Orbit,
Procussion, and Vintage Keys modules and will be getting Audity and
Xtreme Lead eventually.) I absolutely despise the Ensoniq MR-61 that
I'm using as one of my two controllers now.

Additionally, I have heard that these keyboards are VERY heavy, but the
literature does not list the exact weight. Anyone know what it actually
weighs? And its exact dimensions? Will it fit into an SKB 5014-W

Todd Tamanend Clark
Greensboro, Pennsylvania

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