Want Great Midis? Then Check Out My Site!!!!!!!!

Want Great Midis? Then Check Out My Site!!!!!!!!

Post by RonCoo » Mon, 09 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I have updated my site. It now has over 90 midis!!!!! Most of them are pop
and rock. Feel free to take any of them if would like. If you visit my site
please sign the guestbook!!! :-) Have a nice

J Cool



1. MIDI to 4 audio outs wanted

I am a beginner to computer music and need some advise.  I need to
teach  the 4 part harmony of several songs to a group.  I have most of
the parts on seperate tracks in Cakewalk.  Here is what I'd like to do
but don't know if the hardware is avaliable or if there is a better way.

Instead of the sop., alto. and tenor sitting around waiting while the
bass part is reveiwed, I'd like to have a system of head phones for each
part so that each part would here only its track as all the parts are
played.  This would let all the parts to be reveiwed at the same time
and also let each part hear its track when all the parts are sung

My question is, is this doable and what hardware do I need?  Where can I
get it?  


I Cor 2:9

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