A New virtual instrumentsoftware on PC keyboard - HappyEO

A New virtual instrumentsoftware on PC keyboard - HappyEO

Post by LiuHa » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 16:23:49

Always wanted to play the Piano or the Electric-Organ? Try HappyEO! It
will turn your computer into a advanced Electric-Organ! A beginner can
use it to learn musical  theory and recognize score, and an expert can
use the computer keyboard to play beautiful songs!

HappyEO is a virtual instrument with your computer keyboard and mouse.
It has many features only exists in advanced electric-organ. It's easy,
funny and powerful. Create your own songs in minutes.

--- Play with your computer keyboard and mouse!
--- Play with your two hands like piano!
--- 61 keys, 128 voices, 11 effects, include dual-voice and tremolo.
--- Support reverb, chorus, and modulation (vibration).
--- Support split keyboard.
--- Support octave shift and transpose.
--- Support 15 types of chords and more.
--- Support Auto-Accompaniment, fill in, synch start.
--- MIDI Recording and Playback
--- Support external MIDI keyboard.
--- Karaoke play.
--- Multi-tracks recording.
--- Support macro (OTS -- One Touch Setting)
--- Drum mode.
--- Customize key definition.
--- Skins can be changed.
--- Demo songs and full help included.

See http://www.happyeo.com/eng for more information.
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