Driver MT-16plus

Driver MT-16plus

Post by bigca » Sat, 14 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hello I am looking for a Cubase driver for an MT-16plus (EWS) Atari ST version.

Arjen "Holland"  

1. MIDI drivers for Win95: is there an alternative to Microsoft's drivers?

My brother is a musician.  I am a programer analyst.  I have also had a
terrible time trying to get sound / midi / PC-clone / win-95 working.

I have a mediamagic (SB compatable) sound card.  They have a web-site
that contained information how to *manually install / configure* their
card with win-95.  Well I havn't tried it yet, the bleeding from try #1
hasn't stopped yet.

We can't get the keyboard to play through the soundcard.  It is a new clone
with win-95 only.  No win3.1 to fall back to.

Summarized, I think there are many in the same boat trying.  To plug
and play it is going to take win-95 drivers.  Otherwise a bunch of trial
and error.

I'll repost with the success/failure when I retry.

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