Midi cards/adaptors for PC what the best way to get 2 seperate outs?

Midi cards/adaptors for PC what the best way to get 2 seperate outs?

Post by TobySh » Thu, 26 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I need some help.

On my atari/cubase system I made a lead to get two midi outs.
Now we have upgraged to cubase audio on the PC we still need two midi outs, but
there is only one out on out AWE64 card.

Is there a cheap way of getting 32 channels, can I make a lead,
The cheapest we have found in the UK is a 100 card, this seems a lot
of money for something the Atari could do for a few 's

I would really appreciate advice on this one.


Toby (Optik)


1. Getting the seperate outs to work on a new card

Hi all,

I run a 4 year old version of Cubasis AV on a P200 with Win95 (Which, before
anyone says, works a treat and gives a full 8 stereo audio tracks as my
machine is properly set up).

I have just added a Videologic Sonicfury card to give me 6 outputs in 3
separate pairs.

Now the Audio tester that comes with Cubasis tests all outputs as separate
devices one after another, and the Hardware Set-up panel in Cubasis can see
all the outs, but it will only allow me to choose one pair as an audio out.

Is this a limitation of Cubasis, or am I running the wrong drivers or
something? I have read a bit about ASIO and MME drivers but do not
understand the difference, or even what the new card has got.

I do hope someone can help, even if it is to tell me it's time to upgrade to
the new version of Cubasis VST.

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