Big Band sounds in wav format?

Big Band sounds in wav format?

Post by noel » Fri, 22 Mar 2002 14:11:28

I would like to find big band brass and reed samples in wav or such
format that I could use in my seq/loop program. Soundfonts just don't
seem to sound real enough, atleast the ones i've heard. Can someone help
me out here?

1. Big Band sound module recommendation?

Can anyone recommend a sound module for a MIDI keyboard
that has *decent* trumpet, trombone, and saxophone sounds?
While I probably can't afford the quality level in which
you couldn't tell the difference between the sound module
and the acoustic instruments, I also don't want the
quality so low that a passage (controlled by computer
sequencer program to the MIDI keyboard and sound module)
is going to sound cheesy.  It should sound realistic, at least.  Less $$
is better, of course.  

Thanks for any advice,

Paul Rinzler
University of California
Santa Cruz

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