PC Audio Recording with Cubase - HELP

PC Audio Recording with Cubase - HELP

Post by g.. » Sat, 09 Aug 1997 04:00:00


I am looking at purchasing a PC for home, and if it does not cost too
much more the associated items I would require to do some home
midi/audio recording (cf with purchasing an analogue 4-track
recorder).  I have been talking to various people & seem to be getting
conflicting information re what is the minimum I need to get
reasonable quality (ie say a little better than what you would get
from an analog 4-track recorder for $900 US, & no pops/gaps in audio).
I'll try to summarise where I'm getting confused -:

[1] PC configuration (Cubase VST) -> As VST is not quite out I guess
this is fair enough.  I am very keen to hear whether a P200MMX will do
the job or not.   Anyone have any inside information?

[1a] Incidentally does Cubase Audio (without VST) really work OK on
P133 MMX, 32MB RAM?

[2] PC Disk Drive Type -> Is a fast IDE drive OK?  Some people have
told me I need an AV type drive, but this seems to imply going SCSI
which is probably too expensive for me. Do I need to go SCSI?  Is
there such a thing as an AV IDE type drive?  What spec's should I look
for in an IDE drive?

[3] A/D Card -> I've heard the Sound Blaster cards with full duplex
are still a bit hissy???  How much do I really have to spend to get a
basic A/D card that will work just a little better (in terms of
quality) than an analogue 4-track recording & have 1 audio in & 1 out?
I'm not professional.  Any suggestions?

[5] Anything else I need to be aware of?

Thanks in advance