midi copyright and licensing

midi copyright and licensing

Post by Mrs.Thompso » Tue, 24 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I am going nuts trying to find an easy reliable way to license my midis
when I sell them to people for use on their private web pages..

I want to charge a small sum, and then give them exclusive rights for
everything except mass distribution.. and I don't know how long the term
should be.. any ideas? please e mail me, because My news server is not
always available.

Thank you


1. Opcode - No more support or license keys

Due to some hard-disk restores I managed to wipe my Auth for Opcode Studio
Vision (I've used Vision for years). When I asked for a new challenge
response code I got the following from Gibson customer relations.


Opcode Support is no longer available. For the available free downloads,
please visit - http://www.opcode.com/downloads/. Thank you.

Looks like I'll have to buy a new midi-seq!

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