Recording history - help please

Recording history - help please

Post by Strip » Mon, 26 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Can anyone supply links to information on the following:

History of recording techniques over the last 30 years
History of recording equipment

I have tried search engines but they have been pretty poor




Recording history - help please

Post by Chris Laarma » Tue, 27 Apr 1999 04:00:00

MIDI is a communication protocol developed in the '80s.
Try again in (my best guess) or filter your
available newsgroups on "record".
Chris Laarman
(Amsterdam, NL)

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Quote:>Can anyone supply links to information on the following:

>History of recording techniques over the last 30 years
>History of recording equipment


1. -->PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me with Audio Logic 2.6<--

Hi there,

I just bought Audio Logic 2.6 for PowerMac and I've having some
difficulty. The manual isn't helping either.  I'm sure there are a lot
of digital audio pros out there and I was wondering if they might be of
some help to little old me. I'll keep it brief and simple:

1. How do you find out the tempo of your song in BPM? There doesn't seem
to be a screen indicator of any kind.

2. Say I have a drum loop in my arrange window at 120BPM (although I
wouldn't know that since I can't find any kind of BPM metre
anywhere...). Now I have this bass line that I want to stick in the
arrange window, the only problem being that it is slower that the drum
part.  How do I match the tempo of the bass line to that of the drum.
Time Machine II? But since I don't know what speed the drums are at how
can I conform the bass to that speed in Time Machine... Arrggg!

3. In the sound/waveform edit window I have my little bass part, which
I've set to loop at what I know to be (by ear) one bar of 4/4 time.  The
computer doesn't know this, though. It thinks it's slightly over a bar
because the tempo of song/arrangement (which I can't seem to find) is
out of sync with the bass line (which is slower). How do I tell the
computer that my bass loop is one bar exactly?

What I'm mostly doing is conforming samples of various tempos and keys
so that they are.

a) all the same tempo
b) and in the right keys that I can use them to create new songs.  I need to know how to do
this and ANY help is very much appriciated. Thanks a million in


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