Midi Playback Problem

Midi Playback Problem

Post by b.. » Wed, 28 Apr 1999 04:00:00

   I 'm  running Power Tracks Pro version 3.0 with a laptop using a
Roland PCMCIA card. The laptop is midied to my Yamaha P 100 keyboard
but I get no sound during midi playback.  I also have a Yamaha MU90R
module which plays through my keyboard no problem when midied the same
way.  How can I get the laptop to do the same? Thanks, Bob


1. ProAudio9 midi playback problem


    I am having trouble with MIDI info stuttering on playback with digital
audio in Proaudio 9. I recently changed my equipment setup dramatically and
I don't know which piece is causing the problem.
    Before, I used Home Studio 9 and had no problems. I have 128megs of ram
at 400mhz. Then, I upgraded to Proaudio9, added a 45gig hard-drive to the
existing 10gig one, and removed my soundblaster live card and installed a
Midiman Delta66 recording interface. I resorted to using my original
internal soundcard as a midi interface in leiu of the SB-live card. I also
bought a Proteus 2000, which is the primary Midi receiver.
    I did all this simultaneously and now I am having problems getting the
Midi data to playback properly. When it is solely a Midi file, there is no
problem, but in conjunction with digital audio the midi data skips and
starts randomly. I am running Cakewalk off the smaller drive but I have the
.wav data on the larger one. Is this smart? Should I have everything on one

Thank you in advance,

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