Cubase Help

Cubase Help

Post by Michael Gibli » Sun, 18 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Something happened to my OMS setup, and now my Cubase VST (Mac) is
looking for a particular studio setup that no longer exists.  It won't
let me do any MIDI in this particular song.  Does anyone know how I can
get Cubase to look for the current setup?

Mucah appreciated...


1. MC303/MAC & Cubase HELP!!!

I'm a DJ and new to the world of midi and Cubase.
What I have is an MC303 connected via a Fastlane midi interface into my Mac
running Cubase VST 3.01
Here's my questions:
Can I use the keypads on my MC303 to input 'realtime' into Cubase. At the
moment I can only control/playback one sound at a time, and can only input
through Cubase.
Do I have to do any special setup on the 303? I've read the manual time and
again, but still I'm a bit confused.
Do I have to do some sort of channel setup in cubase so it will play more
than one sound at a time?
As I said, I'm new to this, so if anyone out there can help, I'd be truely


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