RIO 600 mp3 player usb cable needed

RIO 600 mp3 player usb cable needed

Post by Vineet Chhangan » Thu, 31 Oct 2002 17:21:17

I was wondering if anyone has RIO 600 or 800 USB cable in Georgia Tech. I
really need it to test something .

1. Ex-TB Maui/Tahiti/Rio user needs recommendation for soundcard (synth, not MP3 or games),

I'm sure I'm about to open up a giant flamewar over hardware, but I'm
really, really lost.

I used to have (still do, actually) a Turtle Beach Monterey and a TB
Maui, both stocked to the limit with sample RAM.  These cards were
GREAT for what I needed and were terribly versatile, until we ran out
of drivers. :(  So now I have these cards mothballed and I'm looking
for new sound hardware.

So here's my question:  Does anyone make hardware like the older
(good) Turtle Beach stuff where you can actually put RAM on the card
and it will use it as wavetable RAM that you can upload to?  Does
anyone make 'synth on a card' solutions anymore that aren't in someway
leveraging (leeching) the power of the host PC?

There are plenty of hardware wavetable solutions that use main memory,
but this is unacceptable to me because I don't want my PCI bandwidth
sucked up by instrumentation (I need all the juice I can get for
digital audio multitracking).  Software wavetable solutions are just
too silly to consider.

I looked at Creamware's offerings and they look very neat, but they
also look dangerously proprietary considering how expensive they are.
So who in Usenet land can help this poor behind-the-times bastard get
edumacated about the solutions in the market place that meet his
needs?  I'm in the $300-$700 range, but would consider going higher if
there was something REALLY compelling.  I'm more interested in having
a really good, flexible synth on the card than excellent D/A and
games/mp3 performance is not really a consideration.

Bart Grantham

(please CC via email, I wouldn't want to miss some good advice)

PS - No, I refuse to even think about Creative Labs.  I don't care how
good gamers think they sound, I'm not down with CL.

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