Cadenza MIDI Diary playlist

Cadenza MIDI Diary playlist

Post by Keith Bramic » Sat, 23 Oct 1999 04:00:00

The Cadenza MIDI Diary has featured original music in MIDI format, one
piece per day, since November 1997. We leave it to you to work out
how many pieces that makes! Many composers are represented, from all
over the world.

Here's our playlist for this coming weekend and beyond:

Friday 22 October     'Elegy' by Dan Rowe
Saturday 23 October   'English Suite' by Robert W Thompson
Sunday 24 October     'Razor' by Stephen Fox
Monday 25 October     'Nightingale' by David Pennant
Tuesday 26 October    'Crow Walk' by Dan Rowe

The Cadenza MIDI Diary
A daily dose of original MIDI in various styles appears at 00:00 ET


1. Cadenza MIDI Diary

Just a quick plug for the Cadenza MIDI Diary, putting up
a new original MIDI file every day since November 1997 at :

We've got about 1900 pieces in the archive, and they're
all still available online.

If you'd like to submit a new piece, please read our
instructions at :

Happy composing!

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