MIDI in- and output

MIDI in- and output

Post by Chris R. Le » Mon, 16 Jun 2003 05:18:43

Quote:> >>>>are there any soundcards with a MIDI input and output? Is there
> >>>>another way to have both MIDI input and output? How can this be done?

> >>>  Most soundcards which offer external MIDI hardware ports have both
> >>>input and output.  If your soundcard uses a gameport MIDI adapter, you
> >>>just need the proper adapter, one with both in and out connections.

> >>Does that mean they can be used simultaneously?

> >  Yes.  MIDI ports are either input or output, and on a PC it is
> >normal to have both in and out available.  Otherwise, you couldn't
> >play on a keyboard and send other MIDI data out, which is ordinary
> >performance stuff.

> >>How can you find out whether it's a gqmeport MIDI adapter or not?

> >  If it has a 15 pin game (joystick) port, it probably can use a
> >gameport MIDI adapter cable.  If your system's MIDI devices include
> >something with MPU-401 in the name, it probably has a gameport which
> >can be used for MIDI (that is the name of the original gameport MIDI
> >interface).

> Thanks a lot for your help!

> Tim

Just to be a bit more precise, ordinary Soundblaster cards have the midi
input and output signals, but for reasons of economy, they lack the
optically-isolated current loop system required by midi. You can buy adapter
cables with the midi interface built into the plug, and if you know where to
look, there are models that let you connect a joystick (or whatever is
currently in fashion) at the same time; the 2 kinds of interface use
different pins on the 15-pin port.