Musicstar manual needed...

Musicstar manual needed...

Post by Tony Cianfaglion » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 06:28:36

I picked up a Reveal Musicstar midi keyboard with software but no manual,
at a thrift store, for my nephew.

Is there information or a manual online somewhere for this device.  It
connects to a PC via the sound card.



1. Musicstar manual needed...

Thanks for the reply.  It seems pretty straightforward.  What I was mainly
wondering about was if the included programs would work with a larger
regular midi keyboard as well or is the setup geared only for the tiny
keyboard provided?

Also, I seem to be missing disk 1 of 7.  They were in a factory sealed
package but disk 1 is not there; only disk 2 of 7 through 7 of 7.


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