Korg PC I/F drivers for Windows 2K - Korg NS5R

Korg PC I/F drivers for Windows 2K - Korg NS5R

Post by sjg » Wed, 05 Dec 2001 02:14:23


I know this problem must have been posted before but I can't find it or a

I've recently purchase a Korg NS5R which I have upgraded with a Yamaha
DB50xg. In order to access the 48 Midi channels now available on the NS5R, I
have to plug the module via a serial cable (TO HOST) to my computer and
install the latest Korg Drivers for Win2K.

All the process of installation is allright. But when I switch on the power
on the NS5R, the PC freezes...So I switch off the power and all is going all
I don't understand because it is the good cable and it worked on Windows

Is someone can give me some information about this problem ?

Or can you give me an alternative way to control ports A,B and C via Sysex
(I don't have the doc)

Thanks a lot



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