HELP!:Samples, Sound Forge3.0, CakeWalk...

HELP!:Samples, Sound Forge3.0, CakeWalk...

Post by lee ai lin » Sat, 04 May 1996 04:00:00

I've just got a 2nd hand Akai S1000PB sampler, now like to get Sample CDs,
do any of you out there knows of any reliable place that sells cheap
sample CD-Roms? Perferably reachable through Email.

Also, where can I get books, of stuuf like that which enable us to fully
utilise PC programmes like, Sound Forge3.0, CakeWlak Pro and Pro Audio,
SAW Plus? I'm a bit lost, I really need them!

Also, anyone who knows how to get to 'Mix Bookshelf', if possible also
through internet or Email.

So if you know of any place I can get these stuff, knidly Email me. I'd be
grateful. Lotsa Thanx.

Lee Ai Ling


1. How to make your samples not sound like samples

For those of you that are interested in music composition,
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we have published a new article on our site designed to showcase
the tips and techniques for how to make your orchestral samples
sound more realistic. You can read the full article at

More articles on composition and film scoring are also available
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