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I'm sure there are more keyboard-players out there having this problem.
I'm playing in a band and we play our songs in random order, wich means
I get to know the next song only two seconds before the intro starts. In
these two seconds I have to find my notes (wich takes 1,5 second), and
change settings for my two keyboards.

Is there some kind of simple MIDI-device that can send programmed
bank/program/sysex-changes by selecting a number, pushing a button or
whatever?, so I can set my two synth's in those 0,5 seconds left.

Thanks in advance,



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Using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 to debug a MIDI app under
NT or Win2000, I'm having a terrible problem with the
MIDI devices locking up.  If the debugged app doesn't get
a chance to call midiInClose or midiOutClose, then the system
considers the MIDI device to still be owned, even after the
app is terminated.  The next time I run any MIDI app, the
MIDI device is reported as unavailable with a
MMSYSERR_ALLOCATED result.  Even if I completely exit
VC and restart it, the MIDI device is still unavailable.  The
only way to overcome the problem is to reboot the system,
which, of course, is very time-consuming.

If you have encountered this problem and have found a solution,
and can share it with me, I would be thrilled!  And would gladly
send you a free copy of my MidiNotate program.

-- Mark Walsen

   Notation Software, Inc.

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