Wami Box - Ed!son???

Wami Box - Ed!son???

Post by Captain Nem » Tue, 05 Mar 2002 23:44:44

Has anyone here actually managed to get a noise out of Ed!son?

According to the manual, you start by opening the file SAWTOOTH.WAV.
Needless to say, no such file can be found.  Never mind - I've got plenty of
.WAV files.  However, after opening one all I can hear is deafening silence,
no matter which key I click on the screen keyboard.  Is there some trick?


1. EWS64 XL users (cakewalk/cubasis/ed!son) out there?

I have recently bought a new computer with a EWS64 XL soundcard. The
hardware is pretty much installed, and even though I am not totally new to
Cakewalk and Cubasis, I seem to be having a little trouble figuring out how
use tem with this new soundcard. In the past, when using these programs, I
was always working on other peoples computers, so the programs were up and
running before I got there.

Since I want to make the most of my soundcard's and software's abilities
(the sole reason for the new computer was making music) I am looking for
people who are working with/ have worked with this soundcard and the
programs and who wouldn't mind heping me get started. Right now the
technical information that is in the manuals has me completely baffled.
Anyone interested in lending a hand?


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