Synth reccomendations

Synth reccomendations

Post by Steve » Thu, 18 Oct 2001 22:05:43

lo all,

I'm setting a studio and would like some recommendations for synths. I have
about 1,300 to spend. I want to make Breakbeat, ambient and
experimental/abstract stuff (along the lines of Warp records artists). I
want to be able to create nice "lush" sounds as well as distorted ones.
Hope that is a good enough description for you all, what can you recommend?
links where I can get more info and hear some demos would be very helpful.
I have heard a short demo of the Novation Supernova II which sounded good in
the shop, but when i listened to the demo's on the novation site i thought
it sounded a bit to "normal/dated" for what i want, anyone using this and
could give there opinion?




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operates on a 100 mhz computer.

I've been using Anvil Studio for a while, but its numerous bugs and design
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