HELP! My MIDI setup did not play note faithfully!

HELP! My MIDI setup did not play note faithfully!

Post by Michael Yeo » Sat, 17 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hi to all here and I am a newbie in MIDI sequencing that has a problem
that I can't solve

I am currently using a Roland PC200 MKII keyboard controller together
with Roland JV-1080 sound modul,. a Pentium Pro computer, a SoundBlaster
AWE 64 Gold  together with Cubase VST to create desktop music using MIDI

The problem is whenever I played a long sequence of notes on my
keyboard, some of the notes did not get registered and I can't hear the
sound too so it's like I'm playing Do Re Mi Fa So and the Mi or Fa might
go missing

I have tried pressing the key hard but the problem presist and I have
upgraded my SoundBlaster 64 Gold driver to the latest version and
checked the MIDI cables thoroughly

Sometimes when I depress certain keys, the sound or tone will still
lingers on and I had to turn the dial on my sound module to stop it and
sometimes my instruments can changed suddenly from Grand Piano to a
trumpet even though I didn't touch anything

All of the above problems happen intermittenly and it was very
frustrating but the funny things is everything seems to work perfectly
especially notes playing if I connect my keyboard controller directly to
my module instead of going through the computer MIDI port so I think
there is nothing wrong to either my keyboard or module

I hope someone who experience this same problem before can help me with
this and the following are my equipment list:

Pentium Pro 200 PC
Cubase VST 3.5 software
Roland PC200 MKII Keyboard controller
Roland JV-1080 Sound Module
Creative SoundBlaster 64 Gold card
Window 95 OSR2 operating system

Thank You



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Plz help me!!


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