help midi Kar

help midi Kar

Post by mariaros » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 17:38:25

mi hanno dato dei file karaoke che oltre ai testi delle canzoni( ovvio) ci
anche gli accordi,hanno un nome particolare per poterli comperare?

Grazie e ciao


Hello.  they have given to me of the rows karaoke that beyond to the
witnesses of the canzoni(obvious) are also the agreements, have a particular
name for being able to buy them?  Thanks and hello mariarosa


help midi Kar

Post by Note J » Tue, 15 Jul 2003 04:28:26

To buy Karaoke midi files, do a web search on Karaoke.


1. programs to convert .mid to .kar or .kar to .mid

To convert files from .mid to .kar or .kar to .mid,
use the freeware programs text2kar and kar2midi from Guenter Nagler, which
you can find on his Homepage
There you can find several other useful midi utilities too.

Unfortunately you must run this 2 programs in a DOS-Box.
At a later time the programs maybe integrated in GNMIDI, which is a useful
windows program, you can find there also.


To convert a MIDI-file into a KAR-file,
copy text2kar.exe in the same directory as file.mid,
then run MS-DOS and go to that directory,
then type:
text2kar file.mid file.kar


To convert a KAR-file into a MIDI-file (you can of course simply change the
extension from .kar to .mid, but then for example you can't edit the file
with cakewalk),
copy kar2midi.exe in the same directory as file.kar,
then run MS-DOS and go to that directory,
then type:
kar2midi [options] file.kar file.mid
The parts in brackets [...] are optional.
-cakewalk   generate CAKEWALK compatible midi with lyrics
-tune1000   produce TUNE 1000 compatible midi with lyrics
-farfisa    produce FARFISA compatible midi with lyrics

IMPORTANT: I use cakewalk, but the option -cakewalk doesn't work right,
maybe that's a bug or the author of the program mixed up the cakewalk and
tune1000 option.
Use instead -tune1000:
kar2midi -tune1000 file.kar file.mid

When I use it so, it works perfectly.


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