Everything you want to hear with one engine

Everything you want to hear with one engine

Post by FairLa » Fri, 16 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Brandnew Generation of Sounds for Roland's JV/XP Synths
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After 4 years of intensive development FairLab is proud to present a
completely new generation of ultra high quality sounds for Roland's JV-1080,
JV-2080, XP-50, XP-60 and XP-80.

Most users of a JV/XP know their machine as a good ROM sample player with
good filters, good for playing good standard sounds. - We want to
demonstrate, that these synthesizers are more than this! It's our fun to do
everything we want to hear with that one engine.

Outstanding (sleeping) synthesis possibilities (e.g. the interaction of
oscillators) allow to generate never heard synth timbres as well as to
emulate synthesis techniques of other sophisticated synthesizers. You will
no longer be stuck using the same waveforms and patches over and over again.

Believe it or not! Or expand the spectrum of your JV/XP with ...

... sounding materials (like plucked/slapped/tapped/whacked/blowed metals,
ceramics, wood, plastic, fluids etc.)

... realistic natural timbres, which react to how they are played (without
using their samples)

... special synthesis techniques like FM, polyphonic oscillator sync, pulse
width modulation, filter overdrive, amplitude modulation, etc.

... the prominent timbres of special synths like Korg Wavestation /
WaveDrum, Yamaha DX7 / SY77 / VL1 / VP1 / EX5, Emu Morpheus, etc.

Doubt? Want the newest infos, patch lists and free demo patches?
Go and see for yourself at FairLab's site:


You won't believe your ears ...


1. I bet you've heard this one before.

 Hi there,

  In the past I used to use a yamaha MU10 with my little yamaha midi
controller keyboard with Bars and Pipes and my old Amiga and was very happy
with the results. Having "upgraded" to a PC its been woe, woe and thrice
woe. I have never been able to configure my system to utilise the internal
soundcard ( a soundblaster live player1020) with my Yamaha controller
keyboard. I bought some joystick midi leads from Tandy which also has a
joystick connecter on it but I cant get any communication between the
soundblaster and my keyboard. The midi leads are connected correctly but
none of my software (pro audio 8, data becker ) seems to be recieveing midi
input. Any ideas would be welcome.

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