MPEG card problem! PLEASE help me!

MPEG card problem! PLEASE help me!

Post by Dexter Won » Thu, 26 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I'm using Cyrix P200 with 32meg SDram with win95, and had 2 harddisk on
my PC and my display card is S3 Virge with 4meg Ram(this display card
has caused my win95 to hang alot of times while
installing...well...later I found out that it hangs because win95 dont
hv the driver for it, so after I installed the driver its ok).

When I played VCDs on Win95 using software Mpeg, it gives
30+fps, but I'm unable to view it at full screen, so I added an Mpeg
card(which I took out from my 486 PC) to it, in order to view the VCDs
at full screen. But instead of getting better performance, the MPEG care
will not run....I've already installed the drivers etc etc....but when I
tried to run VCDs on the Mpeg card(using the program given with I buy
the card), it just gives a blank screen....anyone care to help me with

 Something abt this Mpeg card is last time when I had my 486 and played
VCD's on it thru win95, the pictures CRAWLS....and after I installed the
Mpeg card it walks...still not fast that time I installed
win3.1 into another directory and then run my mpeg card on win3.1 and
its great...does this suggest that the Mpeg card doesnt run on win95?
And another thing is when I put in my VCD into my PC(new one) the win95
ActiveMovie(something like that) loads itself, and my mpeg card's
program loads itself too. Could this be the problem thats causing my
mpeg card to be malfunction? And how to disable that? I can still view
VCDs using these programs, buts is very 10fps, unlike last
time which gives me 30fps without the Mpeg card.

I've also installed win3.1 on my other harddisk on my PC, which is a
repeat of what I did last time. But strange thing is this time the mpeg
card wont work did work last time but this time, the
program just hangs. I didnt even start playing the VCD. Just that the
program hangs when I start it.

Someone suggested to me that there could be conflicts with IRQ(something
like that) so I checked with win95's System and found out that there're
indeed some conflicts with the Mpeg card and my display card. I don't
know what I did after that...I probably deleted the drivers for the Mpeg
card and cleared the conflicts. Anyway now I CAN'T see VCDs at
all....anyone has a solution to all these problems? I'm thinking of
taking out my Mpeg card and hoping I'll get back the 30fps like last this a good idea?
Well...thanks for spending your precious time reading this.
Thanks alot!


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