problems with XGEdit-well...actually-problems with midi, HELP!!!!!!!!!!

problems with XGEdit-well...actually-problems with midi, HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Post by the overm » Tue, 02 Apr 1996 04:00:00

i got XGEdit.  
how do i edit midi files.  am i stupid?
i got the multimid driver and when i open my sequencing software (midisoft
recording session) while XGedit is open, there are problems.  i have
the DB50XG by the way.  i'm a newbie to midi.  some people have tried to
help me but i'm still kinda lost.
so HOW DO I EDIT MIDI FILES WITH XGEDIT!!! how do i insert effects into
certain tracks i wrote on midisoft?
blah blah blah
help me please

1. Midi rendering problem...variance over time <a settings problem>

I used to own a pretty nice rev "F" SB AWE 32 card with about 2 mb on board.  I
liked the instruments it used and the room settings for a specific midi set that
I have.
I later purchased an SB AWE 64 Gold card, and it was fairly OK
but it had a slight divergence in its midi renderings from the AWE 32
<different instruments>.
Now with every bloody MS upgrade,
the settings are messed with to the point where now I just don' t  like the
instruments, intonation or anything about the rendering
of one of my fav midi files. Grrr...

Does anyone have an idea how I might recover the settings to gain back
acceptable midi settings so I can re-record to CD or Audio tape the version that
I like?

I'm not really interested in becoming a midi expert, but it would be nice to
know how to recover <close to> the original AWE 32 settings without going back
to that card.


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